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The Memory Remains: Triple H vs. The Undertaker

I thought I would kick off this new blog venture with a post about the match that made me want to start a bog in the first place. This match, oh boy this match! Last years WrestleMania outing between these two was, divisive if anything. The WWE  wanted you to believe it was the best thing in the history of ever, many of the internet wrestling folks they talked of it as either finisher spamming mutual masturbation or thought it was awesome. I though it was awesome, the day after WrestleMania 27 when I watched it, I have not watched it in over a year so I do not know if I would say that now. was I did not care about the month or so of the stare down point fest that was used to build it up, but in the moment of watching the match, I liked it. However, I was not looking forward to the rematch. The main reason was my cynicism when it comes to Triple H.

The thing about Triple H is, I just cannot get into him anymore. When I first jumped back on the wrestling bandwagon in the tail end of the 1990s and he was the WWF Champion, married (only on screen at the time) to Stephanie McMahon and was essentially ‘King of the Douchebag heels’ I liked him, I liked to hate him. I disliked him for the right reasons I guess you could say. I continued to do so right up until The Two Man Power Trip happened and Hunter tore his quad. Then he came back as a face and to be honest, since then I have not really cared for him. I do not know what it is. Then, I guess, you could add the weight of fan perception of the guy as having tainted my view of him since I got into the whole internet wrestling nerd world. Now, he’s a guy at the end of his career who is supposed to be a big deal but I do not buy him as such and he gets out shined by Kevin Nash in ladder matches. I cannot take HHH as seriously as the WWE and I assume HHH himself wants me to, and I really only wanted to see the WrestleMania 28 match between he and The Undertaker because I enjoy the streak matches and wanted to see The Undertaker’s brand new hair do.

And I, like pretty much everyone it seems loved it. To me, that match is all the schtick, silliness, over the top nonsense that makes for great professional wrestling. You had Mirror Universe JR on commentary, Triple H entering the arena through Castle Grayskull, The Shreddertaker effect when Taker revealed that he now ha a mowhawk, the fact that the Hell in A Cell had it’s own theme song. On top of that you had Shawn Michaels over acting the hell out of everything, cowering in the corner and wimpering over the moral choices he had to make. Everything about it was beautiful, it was more of a spectacle than Rock and Cena could ever have been.

It quite frankly stole the show and while that may mostly be down to Shawn Michaels’ overblown shenanigans, the fact it was The Streak on the line and less to do with anything Triple H really did, I have to hope that he’s happy enough to leave well enough alone and not be as prominent as he was in 2012, because I would be happy for him to go off into the good night after that match.