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It’s A Shameful Thing…

I was thinking about Sheamus today, well, I have been for the last couple of weeks ever since that WrestleMania match that has really done a hell of a lot for Daniel Bryan. That’s a match that goes to show that you don’t have to win to go over. But the shameful thing (sorry, I couldn’t resist a reference to the best theme in wrestling) that it really didn’t work out for Sheamus in that one, because that was clearly the plan. However the thing about Sheamus is that nothing he is involved in is ever given that much meat. It’s clear the WWE is behind him and want to make a big deal out of him but I can’t for the life of me think of a time when Sheamus has really had something that made a huge deal out of him.

If you look at his recent storyline from Mania until now, he won against Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds. That was supposed to make Sheamus look like badass or something. But in reality it has done far more to make Daniel Bryan and his ‘Yes’ thing than it has Sheamus. Since that night Sheamus has destroyed Chad Patton and been fined a crazy amount of money ($500,000 meaning Sheamus must be a millionaire). None of this really goes to make Sheamus look like a face here. I think he is supposed to be, isn’t he? Really he just is a millionaire who beat another guy who was distracted by a lady and then beat up an official. I don’t know if that makes him sympathetic or not.

I just don’t know, I think that the WWE obviously wants to make him a big deal. He had an unbeaten streak when he debuted. He won Jessie Ventura’s battle royal for guys who haven’t had a title shot before plus Randy Orton and went on to beat Cena at TLC all within his first few months on TV. He had a match at WrestleMania against HHH and lost, he won the King of the Ring and got lost in the wilderness for a while, moved to Smackdown and won the Royal Rumble. So they’ve clearly been gunning for the guy - he’s been given everything but it hasn’t really been anything memorable (the King of the Ring win especially wasn’t great for him).

Sheamus has given a lot of stuff to work with, aside from a few little things, he’s not gotten stuck with a horribly gimmick schtick about being from Ireland like Finlay did (except for when he was Chief Sheamus, King of the Ring). He has been treated pretty seriously, catapulted into stardom but never really made to look like anything but just another guy. Maybe it’s just a case of he’s not had the ‘Yes’. ‘Pipebomb’ or ‘Hall of Pain’ moment or maybe it is because most of his feuds have been short and not really all that memorable. But they’re trying to make him a thing and y’know, he gets press over here in his native land. Last week I saw him inThe Irish Independent.

If it isn’t clear, I like Sheamus and I’m gunning for him to take off and do some awesome things like Mark Henry, Punk and Daniel Bryan have done in the last year. But while a lot of what has caught on with those guys is down to good timing and  the right thing at the right time - Sheamus has had all the right things given to him, but never at the right time or in the right way. He probably could get to that level, he has all the skills, but it just hasn’t happened yet and right now he’s not really getting anything right now that is going to help him.